Erin Ryan

Social Media Director

+Erin Ryan is the Director of Social Media for Wikimotive. She has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for businesses and fervently stays up-to-date with all things Social.

Erin has 3 years of Automotive Social Media experience and has done promotional work for Non-Automotive clients in the past. Erin has a diploma in Radio and Television Arts and since Social Media stems from the roots of “old” media, Erin has a strong understanding of what is needed in order to produce results.

“To know where you are going one must understand where they came from.”

With her knowledge and past experience Erin has mastered the art of the Facebook Algorithm, knows how to utilize particular social networks to help increase reach and to drive traffic to websites through her creative social writing and content techniques. She is a strategist at heart and is able to create Social Products that deliver.

Erin is known for her Social Media online webinars, for her various content writing around the web and is immensely passionate about Social Media and Internet Marketing.

Erin would be delighted for you to learn more about her and to connect further on Erin Ryan’s Social Networks through her Profile.

Please feel free to contact Erin at 888.975.9454 ext507 and in the meantime, Have Yourself a Social Day!

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