Addiction Treatment

A recent study indicated that more than 23.5 million Americans are currently addicted to drugs or alcohol, which ultimately equals one out of every 10 citizens over the age of 12. These stats confirm the necessity of addiction treatment centers, and these facilities have quickly popped up around the country. If you run a similar business, you’ve likely noticed that the market place is getting increasingly crowded. Furthermore, only 11% of those 23.5 million Americans require treatment, which vicariously impacts the industry.

You need to establish an edge over your competitors. Fortunately, Wikimotive can provide the advantage. Our social media, blogging, SEO, and reputation management resources will set your addiction treatment marketing apart from the rest. Although it might seem like your current advertising initiatives are adequate, a quick look at your facility’s patient list will indicate that there’s some drastic room for improvement. Wikimotive’s services will provide marketing tactics that have never crossed your mind. Besides, since when does adequate ever cut it in business?

If yours is relatively unknown in the industry, our tools will help bring visitors to your website and subsequently bring patients to your facilities, and the help they so desperately need. On the flip side, if your business has developed into a household name in your community, we can make sure your name remains number one.

Hiring an individual (or even a small team) to handle these sensitive areas of addiction treatment marketing is a commendable idea, but it’s unlikely anyone can provide as much knowledge as Wikimotive’s in-house team of experts. Our company will work directly with you to ensure that all of your marketing needs are not just satisfied, but exceeded. Instead of stealing full control of all of your applicable mediums, our collaborative process assures that you have a say in all of our strategies.

There’s no denying that addiction rehabilitation is a sensitive subject, but that doesn’t mean your business shouldn’t maximize its marketing efforts. In an increasingly competitive market, Wikimotive will leave a mark of true distinction on your business.