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Banner Design

According to a study published on marketingexperiments.com, marketing with imagery produces about 20% more click through and 30% more conversion than marketing with only text. Graphic banners using clean, simple designs to showcase monthly specials can be an invaluable tool for increasing click through to a site’s inventory and product pages, or click-backs to a site from Facebook.


With Wikimotive’s Banner Design service, clients provide us the details for their banners at the beginning of each month. We then create custom banners for each of their specials, with an average turnaround time of approximately 24 hours. If they have given us access to their website and/or Facebook, we’ll even upload them.


While we do not recommend using too many, our Banner Design pricing is a flat monthly rate for unlimited designs for select verticals.


Use the navigation bar on the right to learn more about our service offerings, or use the form below to inquire.