There’s no denying how lucrative the energy industry can be, but it admittedly serves a limited demographic. Smaller companies may offer services for homes, but there’s a good chance that these businesses are actually targeting markets, restaurants, hotels, and other similar businesses. This is where the real money is, as these projects require significantly more work. However, as an energy business, it can be tough convincing your peers to choose your services over your competitor. You surely have several local rivals, and if you live near a hub, you’re probably going against dozens of competitors. It can be difficult to find a way to get your company to emerge from the pack and secure those elusive customers. Unless you contact Wikimotive.

Wikimotive provides the assistance you need as you look to maximize your energy industry marketing. We provide a number of services that will immediately impact your number of clients. Whether you’re looking to improve your social media presence, search engine standing, reputation management, or all three, Wikimotive will guide you along the way. You won’t find the hands-on approach that Wikimotive provides from any other marketing firm.

Our team works directly with our clients to ensure that we’re executing all of their specific, unique plans. Our expertise isn’t here to trump your position, but strategize and strengthen it. This means you won’t just benefit from improved online traffic, you’ll also be encouraged to implement any of your own concepts and ideas.

You provide all of the literal power your clients need. We provide our clients with all the “power” they need to improve their energy industry marketing. Harness that power to energize your popularity and ultimately impact the number of clients coming through your door.

“May you live in interesting times…”

This quote, debatably an ancient Chinese curse, resurfaces repeatedly in our culture (most famously by Robert F. Kennedy in 1966). Repurposed over time to mirror a spectrum of sentiments ranging from introspection to cynicism, it’s difficult to argue that we do (in fact) live in interesting times.

Each day, brand-new technology is rendered obsolete by constant innovation and yet, that same innovation is tasked to find new ways to power that technology which continually-evolves.

Since we first turned our eyes to the sun, felt the wind against our skin, or let water run out between our fingertips humanity has embraced the power of the world around us. Our ability to harness these renewable resources for use in powering our technology harkens back to the Roman Empire’s integration of waterwheels in BC-era Greece. Windmills rose to prevalence just over a thousand years ago. But only recently have we begun to channel the power of the sun.

Solar power might be the ultimate example of how accessible our renewable resources have become. And while advances in technology have made that possible, there are countless other factors that are deserving of credit, from countless privately-owned solar contractors to government subsidies (that reduce, or even offset the upfront costs of installation).

But how many people truly understand the options, the benefits, the process and the potential savings. Solar (as well as ALL alternative) Energy firms, need to be as conscious of their marketing efforts as all industries do.

Do you employ a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy? Do you have a well-designed responsive website that is friendly to desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones alike? Do you make use of Search Engine Optimization to ensure that you can be found easier than your competition can? Is your Social Media successful at generating new revenue? Do you have a trusted partner who specializes in Reputation Management? Do you have the means of producing high-quality video content for web-based engagement?

If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you may be using outdated marketing methods. Wikimotive can change that, ensuring that your marketing is as innovative, inspired and sustainable as the alternative energies that your business is built around.

Digital Marketing

The desire to transition more American households to renewable energies is both noble and worthy of praise. But is your marketing as sustainable as the alternative energy services that you offer?

In a world where postal solicitations go unread, email blasts go directly to spam folders and search engine results yield more clickbait sales offers than actual statistics, potential customers remain in the dark when it comes to the benefits of sustainable energies.

Consider the benefits of digital marketing services which are dedicated to helping you change this. Imagine a skilled partner who can offer…

  • Responsive web design continually refreshed and designed to be equally appealing whether viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets or phones.
  • Higher ranking in search results, making you immediately more visible to potential customers.
  • Enhanced use of Social Media platforms for improved engagement.
  • Directly targeting geographies and demographics with tailored messages and statistics that strengthen your unique value proposition.
  • Mass media strategies to help educate potential customers through high-quality video content and web-friendly infographics.

At Wikimotive, our sustainable approach to digital marketing is the perfect fit for sustainable energy providers. Let us help you to renew the strength of your message so that you can help more customers to see the light.

Reputation Management

In today’s world of real-time engagement and public visibility, no digital marketing services would be complete without comprehensive reputation management.

This is just as relevant to Home Energy services as it is with any industry. In fact, it may prove even more relevant considering that alternative energy services (such as Solar) are perceived as an investment, as opposed to a necessity. Furthermore, it remains an investment which some consumers weigh heavily before deciding upon. As such, a positive online presence (or lack thereof) will inevitably play a major role in their decision.

With that in mind, ask yourself: what is your reputation worth to you? More importantly, will the things that are said about you online strengthen or damage that reputation?

Whether posting on review platforms such as Yelp! or on personal social media accounts, publicly-viewed comments left by (both) satisfied and dissatisfied customers can inform potential customers as to whether or not they want to do business with you. After all, an online dialog is the new ‘word of mouth’.

Considering that over 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and that online reviews impact over two-thirds of purchasing decisions, is that a chance you want to take?

One negative article on the first page of search results could jeopardize up to 22% of potential revenue. Two negatives could increase that risk to 44%. Three negatives drive that exposure up to 59.25%, while four or more negative results could put you in jeopardy of losing up to 70% of potential revenue.

Negative elements in your company’s online presence can also impact your hiring, and increase the cost associated with those hires by up to 10%.

Wikimotive’s Reputation Management services help you to ensure a positive online presence, impacting the decisions of potential customers, while strengthening your relationship with current ones and building the strongest and most reliable team possible. How’s that for a return on your investment?

Website Design

Statistically speaking, humans have 7-20 seconds in order to make a first impression. In contrast, studies show that websites have as little as 2 seconds to do the same. Are you prepared to effectively elaborate the benefits of sustainable energy to a potential customer in 20 seconds or less? How about 2 seconds?

An investment in solar energy (for example) is a benefit to any eligible household. But the process, government subsidies and timeline need to be presented as effectively as possible in order to be appreciated. Since most interested consumers are likely to perform their own due diligence before contacting your company, a well-designed website should be paramount among your priorities.

  • Does your website meet the expectation of today’s consumer?
  • 48% of consumers feel that the design of a website is the most important factor in deciding the credibility of a business.
  • Regular refreshment of a website is shown to increase engagement by nearly 120%.
  • Nearly two-thirds admit that they would favor an aesthetically-pleasing website, as opposed to a plain one…even if the information they conveyed was identical. In fact, 38% of consumers would stop using a website altogether, if laid out in a manner they deemed ‘unattractive’.
  • Over 80% would discontinue the use of a site which doesn’t display properly on their device (as statistic which increases with every passing moment).

The bottom-line? Your company’s online presence is the foundation of your engagement with both current and potential customers, and the cornerstone of your online presence is your website. Why minimize your ability to engage your customer base with a substandard design?

At Wikimotive, our responsive web design is a proven component in increasing customer engagement. Professionally-designed to be inline with your company’s brand identity, our sites make an immediate impact and leave a lasting impression. And a Wikimotive website evolves continually, utilizing refreshed high-quality content to drive increases in both traffic and engagement.

Attractive and informative, offering fast load-speeds whether viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. That is Wikimotive’s commitment: to create a sustainable web presence, for your sustainable energy company.