“May you live in interesting times…”

This quote, debatably an ancient Chinese curse, resurfaces repeatedly in our culture (most famously by Robert F. Kennedy in 1966). Repurposed over time to mirror a spectrum of sentiments ranging from introspection to cynicism, it’s difficult to argue that we do (in fact) live in interesting times.

Each day, brand-new technology is rendered obsolete by constant innovation and yet, that same innovation is tasked to find new ways to power that technology which continually-evolves.

Since we first turned our eyes to the sun, felt the wind against our skin, or let water run out between our fingertips humanity has embraced the power of the world around us. Our ability to harness these renewable resources for use in powering our technology harkens back to the Roman Empire’s integration of waterwheels in BC-era Greece. Windmills rose to prevalence just over a thousand years ago. But only recently have we begun to channel the power of the sun.

Solar power might be the ultimate example of how accessible our renewable resources have become. And while advances in technology have made that possible, there are countless other factors that are deserving of credit, from countless privately-owned solar contractors to government subsidies (that reduce, or even offset the upfront costs of installation).

But how many people truly understand the options, the benefits, the process and the potential savings. Solar (as well as ALL alternative) Energy firms, need to be as conscious of their marketing efforts as all industries do.

Do you employ a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy? Do you have a well-designed responsive website that is friendly to desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones alike? Do you make use of Search Engine Optimization to ensure that you can be found easier than your competition can? Is your Social Media successful at generating new revenue? Do you have a trusted partner who specializes in Reputation Management? Do you have the means of producing high-quality video content for web-based engagement?

If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you may be using outdated marketing methods. Wikimotive can change that, ensuring that your marketing is as innovative, inspired and sustainable as the alternative energies that your business is built around.

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