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Statistically speaking, humans have 7-20 seconds in order to make a first impression. In contrast, studies show that websites have as little as 2 seconds to do the same. Are you prepared to effectively elaborate the benefits of sustainable energy to a potential customer in 20 seconds or less? How about 2 seconds?

An investment in solar energy (for example) is a benefit to any eligible household. But the process, government subsidies and timeline need to be presented as effectively as possible in order to be appreciated. Since most interested consumers are likely to perform their own due diligence before contacting your company, a well-designed website should be paramount among your priorities.


  • Does your website meet the expectation of today’s consumer?
  • 48% of consumers feel that the design of a website is the most important factor in deciding the credibility of a business.
  • Regular refreshment of a website is shown to increase engagement by nearly 120%.
  • Nearly two-thirds admit that they would favor an aesthetically-pleasing website, as opposed to a plain one…even if the information they conveyed was identical. In fact, 38% of consumers would stop using a website altogether, if laid out in a manner they deemed ‘unattractive’.
  • Over 80% would discontinue the use of a site which doesn’t display properly on their device (as statistic which increases with every passing moment).


The bottom-line? Your company’s online presence is the foundation of your engagement with both current and potential customers, and the cornerstone of your online presence is your website. Why minimize your ability to engage your customer base with a substandard design?

At Wikimotive, our responsive web design is a proven component in increasing customer engagement. Professionally-designed to be inline with your company’s brand identity, our sites make an immediate impact and leave a lasting impression. And a Wikimotive website evolves continually, utilizing refreshed high-quality content to drive increases in both traffic and engagement.

Attractive and informative, offering fast load-speeds whether viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. That is Wikimotive’s commitment: to create a sustainable web presence, for your sustainable energy company.



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