With a projected growth of $36 billion dollars in 2017, the franchise industry has never been more competitive than it is today. But what challenges must you (and your franchisees) side-step in order to be successful? A common misconception comes in relying on strength of brand identity as a foundation for success. Recognizing that franchise success operates at a number of levels, Wikimotive offers an extensive list of Digital Marketing Services designed to reinforce your brand on multiple platforms while driving business to local franchisees.

You Benefit From:

  • Consolidation of multiple marketing initiatives under one expert team, dedicated to maintaining a streamlined online presence.
  • Consistency of message at the franchisee level through the creation of innovative on-brand content that meets your standards of excellence.
  • Comprehensive data analysis that empowers both proactive and reactive decision-making to ensure that the application of your marketing dollars can evolve, as needed.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiatives guaranteed to increase your brand visibility, both locally, and as a whole.
  • Management of your Social Media, at a corporate and/or franchisee level.
  • Review & Reputation Management based on best practices, to create stronger customer relationships and boost your best online presence.

Your Franchisees Benefit From

  • Support in the creation of an engaging, responsive website designed to increase traffic and customer conversion.
  • Data and Analytics crucial to determining the success of online campaigns, strategizing, and lead-generation.

With Wikimotive franchise services standing behind you, you are able to stand out among your competition.

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