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4 Great Examples of Social Media Posts for Car Dealers

Tying to grow your Facebook page without a strategy is like jumping into a lake not knowing how to swim. It is that simple. Not having a Facebook strategy automatically sets your page up for failure. Knowing the type of audience you want to attract and the kinds of posts to use to attract them […] Read More

3 Facebook Overly Promotional Page Posts to Avoid in 2015

A change is sure to come to Facebook in 2015, as the company starts cracking down on overly promotional page posts. A new algorithm shift will penalize any posts that are conveyed like a sales pitch or urging people to take an action. The Change in the Facebook News Feed The Facebook News Feed is where […] Read More

Which Facebook Ads Provide Tangible ROI for Dealerships?

Love them or hate them, Facebook Ads have become a standard aspect of Facebook marketing. Since organic reach on Facebook is pretty much dead, the only true way to reach an audience of any value to your Facebook Page is to apply Facebook Ads, but which ones truly work? There are 3 types of Facebook […] Read More

6 Underutilized Tips to Make the Facebook Algorithm LOVE Your Page

When it comes to the Facebook algorithm, we are all striving for its attention. We post, we engage and we try to do the best Facebook marketing we can to make our own pages and client’s pages a success. It is an arduous task to try and monitor and maintain a Facebook page the way […] Read More

4 Unique Halloween Content Ideas for Automotive Social Media Marketing

When holidays and special occasions happen, it can be difficult to tie in the vehicles you sell into your social posts, while keeping it relevant to the occasion, as well as, to your industry. However, it is possible to bring cars and special occasions together using some creativity to grab the attention of your online […] Read More

An Introduction to Local Awareness Facebook Ads

Facebook is looking to add a new service to its Facebook Ads list within the coming weeks. Known as Local Awareness Facebook Ads, this new kid on the Facebook Ads block is looking to do what other Facebook Ads currently don’t: promote your business’s address. Not only are Local Awareness Facebook Ads going to be easy […] Read More

Why Dealerships Need to Use Facebook’s Internal Scheduler

There are many third party apps available for scheduling to social media, however, when it comes to Facebook, you should be scheduling your posts using the site’s internal scheduling tool for best Facebook marketing practices. Facebook has a sensitive algorithm, and due to its sensitivity, it tends to perform at its best when posts are shared […] Read More

How Online Reviews Influence Today’s Car Buyers

Trust is your business’s biggest asset today. With the ability to easily publish reviews of businesses, products, and services, customer satisfaction is more important than ever before. Because one of the first things a potential customer does before visiting you in person is search for reviews online. Let’s take a look at how they’re being […] Read More

Embrace Social Media For Better Customer Relationships

When it comes to selling cars, dealerships do all they can to get the most out of leads. But when someone comes in and is ready to buy, once they’ve completed that process, the relationship tends to end. The customer moves on with their new car and salespeople focus on the next sale. However, with […] Read More

What Car Dealers Need to Know About Pinterest

When it comes to social media marketing, the last site you’re probably thinking of adding to your repertoire is Pinterest. The site is known for its large female user base, collections of clothes, decorating ideas, and DIY tips and tricks; however, with its unique spin on social bookmarking, car dealers can use their inventory to […] Read More

How to Thrive Despite the Death of Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook organic reach is dead…sort of. There seems to be a lot of talk  in the social media marketing world about the death of Facebook organic reach without a better understanding as to why it had to die, and how your business can recover. Why Did Facebook Organic Reach Die? With 1.28 billion monthly active […] Read More

How to Produce Great Content for Social Media Success

Great content should be both entertaining and informative. Oftentimes, especially on the web, the two are not mutually exclusive. Plenty of content is entertaining–such as cat videos or memes–and there’s certainly plenty of informative content out there–the kind you’ll find on Wikipedia or wiseGEEK–but in order for your content to succeed on social media AND […] Read More

Why Your Dealership Needs Social Signals

Each year, the web becomes more and more dominated by social media. But with the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and the social web came a big question: Does social media affect search rankings? The answer: Absolutely. If you’ve incorporated social media into your existing SEO strategy, you’re likely seeing better results than a competitor who […] Read More

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