With more than four thousand institutions in the U.S. attracting more than 17 million students, the college and university marketplace has never been more competitive. These higher education institutions are eagerly competing to land students through a variety of methods: print advertising, alumni outreach, and in-person campus visits.


One of the best ways to attract students is through social media channels. What better way to capture their attention than through a media that they’ve grown up with and use on a daily basis? These savvy millennials and Gen Z students are technologically adept at sifting through news and information about a variety of topics. But does your higher education business have an effective digital marketing plan?



That’s where Wikimotive comes in. When you need help putting together a digital marketing plan for social media, turn to our team of professionals. Most higher education administrators have been trying to expand their social media presence and continue to educate themselves on new tactics. But it’s a fast moving target. Our Wikimotive team will develop a customized digital marketing plan that will let your college or university shine. We’ll speak the language of these rising high school juniors and seniors and focus on what makes your institution unique.



We’ll help you build an online marketing plan using search engine optimization (SEO), creating relevant content on your courses, professors, student body, and extracurricular activities. We know what to write and how to optimize your Google Adwords and Facebook ads to recruit and retain the right kind of students.




There’s nothing worse than receiving a blow against your college or university’s reputation. Usually it is an unforeseen event that puts your institution in the news in a negative light. Helping to alleviate or eliminate that poor reputation is what Wikimotive’s team does best. We can help repair your reputation so that academics and students will continue to be drawn to your halls of learning. We’ll make sure that positive news is being received by your alumni base. And we’ll ensure that your social media platform is being employed to quickly communicate with students and officials during a time of crisis.




Like you, we are recognized professional leaders in the business of higher education marketing. We can increase awareness of your college or university on a year-round basis and showcase your curriculum, faculty, and culture through your most important portal: your website. While you oversee the important goal of leading the institution, we ensure that your pioneering achievements and unique campus activities are promoted to a new student body generation. We can optimize campus map listings for students who need to find a particular service or building through mobile and desktop searches. We’ll make sure that your website becomes a powerful marketing and enrollment tool for your college or university. No matter what size of student population you have, we’ll ensure that your campus is highlighted to new students who want to visit and enroll.

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