Video Production

A question: would you rather build success upon a platform 90% likely to achieve the desired results or one that is only 10% likely to succeed?

90% of information that is transmitted to the brain is visual in nature. Considering that the brain is estimated to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, educators in all forms are embracing the power of video production and its clear impact on learning. In fact, studies show that one minute of online video can have the same impact as 1.8 million words, whether written or spoken.

Improving transfer of knowledge, retention, and engagement, integration of video should be a primary focus of any institute of higher education. Incorporating visual and verbal elements as well as motion, video can prove far more engaging across diverse learning styles. For this reason, it is proven as having a positive effect on school readiness, cumulative performance, and overall development. In addition, the versatility of today’s video technologies allows for improved collaborative abilities and workforce preparation that can greatly benefit students in their professional existence.

Expanding an educator’s reach exponentially, the wide-scale availability of video content has reshaped our ability to teach on a global scale and to learn in a more personalized manner. Supporting the continual evolution of virtual education and remote learning, the proof of its success lies in any of the hundreds of millions of educational and instructional videos being utilized at any given time.

Because today’s world is hand-held. On-demand and often live-streamed, our minds are evolving to demand immediacy in everything. For this reason, the most accessible answer is often mistaken for the best answer. As we move into the third decade of this century, educators must build a forward-thinking plan that embraces this mentality, integrating video technology into their curricula. A willingness to do so is the only way for our valued educators to ensure that their students do, in fact, receive the best answer.

Wikimotive provides a wealth of digital services built to yield superior results that utilize today’s technology to set our clients apart from their competitors. As applicable to Higher Education as it is the marketing of any industry, our Video Production services can empower educators to be as effective as possible in the shaping of minds…our most valuable product.

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