What would the world look like without architects? We depend on these creative engineers to design our high-rise buildings, college campuses, interior space, museums, parks, and restaurants. Architects are tasked with planning and designing residential, institutional, recreational, commercial and industrial buildings and structures by applying their knowledge of design, construction procedures, zoning regulations, building codes and building materials. Architects work hand-in-hand with the client, envisioning their concept into a creative structure that constantly amazes us and might even inspire that “wow” factor.

For this creativity and ingenuity, architects are paid handsomely. There are more than 20,000 architectural firms employing nearly 150,000 employees. By far, California and New York State have the most architectural firms in the U.S. The overwhelming majority of architectural firms in the United States are small businesses, with 26 percent being sole practitioners, almost three-quarters having two to 49 employees, and 3 percent having 50 or more employees. And new architects continue to earn degrees and get licensed. In 2015, 110,168 licensed architects were practicing in the U.S., up 2 percent from 2014; it represented the fourth-consecutive year of growth. Meanwhile, the number of licensure candidates grew by 5 percent to an all-time high of 41,542 for the same period.

Architects face stiff competition to win bids and new customer assignments. It’s an even more daunting task since most small architecture firms don’t have huge budgets or a large enough staff to dedicate to marketing. Firms have had to play catch up by actively searching for new opportunities, having to promote their designs, and marketing themselves to win new projects.

That’s where Wikimotive comes in. When you need help putting together a digital marketing plan, turn to our team of professionals. Most architects have been slow to adopt social media marketing even though it can net them real clients. We’ll develop a customized digital marketing plan that will let you and your architecture team shine. Rather than continue traditional routes, such as handing out business cards, your social media marketing will allow you to build wider, deeper relationships. We’ll help you to build an online marketing plan using search engine optimization (SEO), creating relevant content, and sending out email marketing. We develop specific architectural advertising ideas for not only your pay per click (PPC) campaigns, but also for Facebook campaigns. We know what to write and how to optimize your Google Adwords and Facebook ads to attract the right kind of customer and to retain them.

Like you, we are recognized professional leaders in the business of architectural marketing. We can increase awareness of your niche industry and introduce you to new customers. While you devote your efforts to your customers, we commit to keeping pace with new marketing techniques for the architecture industry. We can optimize map listings to find your business through mobile and desktop searches. We can increase your customer engagement through email marketing. Our team can track and measure your social media analytics and provide your growth through monthly reports. We’ll make sure that your website becomes a powerful marketing and sales tool for your architecture business. We’ll ensure that your firm is in front of a potential client’s eyes so that you, the architect, can secure work based on your unique approach, as well as your creativity and technical skills.

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