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Your business is likely one of the many local options for those seeking a general contractor. While your customers may be happy with your services, your company’s financial situation will struggle mightily if you’re unable or incapable of generating consistent leads. Wikimotive is devoted to assuring your online marketing success, and we all but guarantee that you’ll receive a return on investment (ROI) based on leads and, subsequently, clients.

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Other digital marketing services will take complete control of your social media accounts or applicable blogs, leaving the client with little say during the entire process. This is one way that Wikimotive has separated itself from the pack. We rely on our clients to help guide us during the entire process. This way, we’ll be able to implement all of our strategies and expertise, but we’ll also be cognizant of your specific requests.

Traditional marketing methods are a thing of the past. With more than 200 million adult internet users in the country, it’s up to you to maximize your business’s marketing potential.

Wikimotive Offers Proven Strategies

Wikimotive focuses on every area of digital marketing, providing you with only the necessary services.

What We Provide

Search Engine Optimization

There might be several prospective clients who will be relying on traditional methods as they seek a general contractor. However, it’s much more likely that these clients will be referring to search engines as they’re seeking contractor services. It’s estimated that almost 90-percent of potential customers will use a search engine to find local general contractors, and the majority of those users will opt for the first organic result on the page. In fact, 75-percent of these users fail to get past the first page of these web results, meaning it’s especially important that you optimize your search engine standing.

Wikimotive is focused on elevating your business’s applicable webpages to the top of those search engines. Our in-house team of writers will create unique, high-quality content that will separate your website from the crowd, and their expert use of SEO techniques means consumers won’t have to look very hard to come across your listing. The ultimate goal is to lead clients to your website, which will lead to them opting for your services. The most effective way of achieving this goal is via search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media

Your business is likely already equipped with some type of social media page. However, it’s unlikely that these applicable profiles are doing much to boost your standing in the eyes of a consumer. With more than 1.65 billion social media accounts in the world (and millions being added each day), your Facebook or Twitter profile is an excellent way for you to showcase your services.

Of course, as a general contractor, you presumably have many obligations on your plate, and you surely can’t dedicate the necessary amount of time to these social media profiles. That’s where Wikimotive comes into play, as our social media team will maximize your pages’ effectiveness as you pursue new leads and clients. By cleverly sharing high-quality content and executing expert social media strategies, you’ll find that your page is another excellent way to showcase everything that your business has to offer.

Reputation Management

Any of your business’s websites, social media pages, or review listings essentially serve as the public face of your company. While these sites are certainly an easy way to usher clients into your business, they also serve as a place where former clients can air all of their grievances.

Wikimotive’s reputation management team will make sure that your business isn’t being slandered online. Ignoring the trolls and malcontents, several of these unfavorable reviews may actually be rooted in reality. Instead of resorting to hostility, you can refer to Wikimotive’s reputation management team to handle any of these unsightly reviews. We’ll make sure that we’re solving these clients’ complaints, and our expertise can help transform any negative feedback into positive reviews.

Website Design

While your actual business might not be open 24 hours a day, potential clients can visit your website at any time. As a result, you’ll want to design your webpage so it’s both inviting and intuitive. Ultimately, you main goal is for visitors to get a firm grasp on all of your available services. However, it’s estimated that 61-percent of online users will immediately exit a webpage if it fails to load in a timely manner, and about 40-percent of these potential customers will end up referring to a rival business’s page.

Therefore, you’ll want to attract these potential clients and get them to stick around. Fortunately, Wikimotive’s website design team will create a unique, easy-to-use site that will have users exploring for hours. This will impact your standing in search engines, leading to increased leads for your business.

Don’t rely on yourself or others to handle your general contractor marketing needs. Instead, refer to the experts at Wikimotive to help increase your leads.

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