The roofing industry is vibrant and optimistic and focused on future growth opportunities as well as overall business viability. Roofing contractors are comprised of single owners or multi-employee businesses working for the residential and commercial markets. Demand has risen as new housing and building start volume increases, erratic weather warrants new roofs, and popularity increases for solar-panel roofing.

In the residential sector, companies had an average of 25 full-time employees and reported more than $7 million in gross annual sales. More than one-third of roofers indicated the majority of their business revenue stemmed from residential roof replacement.

In the commercial realm, companies averaged 56 full-time employees and more than $8.3 million in sales. Less than one-third attributed the majority of revenue to commercial roof replacement, while 15 percent selected new construction and another 12 percent noted commercial repair.

No matter what segment you serve, roofers depend on a steady stream of customers to keep them and their team busy. Usually the focus is on the work, not marketing their services to bring in new customers. That mentality can create an uneven schedule.

That’s where Wikimotive comes in. When you need help putting together a marketing plan, turn to our team of professionals. Most roofers have ignored or been slow to adopt social media marketing even though it can attract new clients. We’ll create an effective website that shows your roofing services expertise that will advertise your reputation and credibility. It will include customer testimonials, before and after photos of roofing projects and details on the roofing products you use. We’ll build an online marketing plan using search engine optimization (SEO) that will allow your website to come up high in rankings when a potential customer searches for roofing services. We’ll create relevant content that will help to educate your audience on the importance of getting their roofs repaired and replaced. Your posts might focus on how a new roof adds value to a residence, new roofing trends, how to limit damage from leaky roofs, and how to handle storm damage. We’ll create newsletters and send out email marketing. Most importantly, we’ll make sure that we differentiate your roofing company from the competition. If you provide free patching after replacing the roof, we’ll say so. If you specialize in residential roofing rather than commercial roofing, we’ll target those customers. We’ll highlight your roofing experience and reputation.

While you take care of your roofing customers, we keep abreast of new marketing techniques for the roofing industry. We can optimize map listings to find your business through mobile and desktop searches. We’ll make sure that your website becomes a powerful marketing and sales tool for your roofing business. Our digital marketing plan will increase awareness of your niche industry and broaden your base of roofing customers.

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