Reputation Management

While the pharmaceutical industry has been praised for introducing new drugs that save and prolong lives, it has also come under condemnation for drugs that do the opposite. Product recalls, low inventory, and price hikes have led the public to dispute a pharmaceutical firm’s original vision of advancing human health. Corruption, collusion, and other unethical marketing practices by pharmaceutical firms have lowered public trust.


Over time, these developments have exacted a negative impact on the pharmaceutical industry. Negative press about your pharmaceutical company or a newly-launched medicine can spread like wildfire online. Whether you are a large or small pharmaceutical firm, there’s always the chance that one of your products has a debilitating effect on consumers. How can you protect your business, your hard-working research and development team, and employee base?


Reputation management:


That’s where Wikimotive comes in. When you need help with online reputation management (ORM) to improve or restore your business’s good standing, turn to our team of professionals who are specifically trained to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Our goal is to restore public trust in your pharmaceutical firm to continue to attract the finest minds in the medical research and development field, continue to encourage patients to participate in your clinical trials, and ensure that you’re obtaining premium prices for truly innovative products.




Likewise, we can help you take a positive story about one of your products and expand it into diverse promotional opportunities. Positive results for a new medicine can be published online as testimonials or even in your social marketing. We’ll help you maximize positive content on the launch of a new medicine or promising trial results. We can use these positive human stories to increase awareness of your drug portfolio and introduce your products to new customers. These refreshingly honest remarks can be used as content in your email marketing.





When customers are trying to learn more about a medicine or pharmaceutical firm, they turn to the web to locate that information. We can help get the information they need right in front of them. We’ll ensure that your brand’s response is given a prominent position and continues to be updated until the challenge has been overcome.



Website Design:



When your reputation has taken a hit, the first place a consumer may look for additional information is your website. Here at Wikimotive can work to develop a positive, reputable website design. We’ll quickly adopt your website and social media presence to challenge or reply to these threats. We’ll help you to take a pro-active approach on your website that will put a positive spin on your pharmaceutical business. We’ll be on hand to quickly respond to fast-breaking stories on your pharmaceutical products and we’ll continue to be by your side over the weeks and months that you need to repair your reputation. We’ll work with your executive team to post serious and reputable replies online. It’s important that you respond quickly, honestly, and accurately to the news. Our team knows how to explain your side of the story. We can craft a reputable response on your website that is useful and appropriate. At Wikimotive, your reputation is our job.

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