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“One of the biggest challenges to medicine is the incorporation of information technology in our practices.”

– Samuel Wilson


One of the biggest challenges to medicine
As traditional methods used by pharmaceutical representatives continue to grow more costly, the changing landscape of the marketplace challenge their effectiveness. Increasing organizational restrictions within hospitals and practices can limit face-to-face time between reps and physicians. The physician’s limited availability amidst appointments and procedures only widens the disconnect.


While direct-to-consumer marketing is effective in promoting new product initiatives, the physician’s role can not be overlooked. At Wikimotive, we understand the power of Video Production in digital marketing, and the value it could present to the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Incorporating Information & Technology

On average, physicians spend approximately 180 minutes a week viewing video content in order to remain informed. Doing so provides them the flexibility to view with less distraction, at a time of their choosing.


The impact of video is proven. After viewing a video, 65% of decision-makers visit the marketer’s website and 39% contact the vendor. In the absence of traditional interaction, video could serve to bridge the gap.


Wikimotive Rx

While it may be a departure from the traditional method of creating and maintaining relationships, Video Production – as part of a digital marketing program – could prove the best link between a new generation of pharmaceutical representatives and physicians.


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