Successful Political Digital Marketing

The political industry never sleeps, even if an election has recently ended. Unfortunately, during these downtimes, candidates can’t rely on old-school marketing tactics to help elevate their popularity. Instead, they have to embrace all of the advantages that accompany digital marketing. This reality is emphasized by the fact that over $1 billion was spent in digital political marketing in 2016, and it also proves that rivals may already be taking advantage of these various incentives.

Here at Wikimotive, we’re focused on elevating your online presence. Thanks to our wide array of services, we’re confident that we can take your political marketing to another level. Whether you’re looking to simply build a list of leads or whether you’re looking to reach potential voters, Wikimotive’s array of offerings will help you realize your goal.

What does Wikimotive Provide?

  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Website Design
  • Reputation Management

Political SEO

Get an advantage over your competitors by maximizing your campaign’s online potential

Search Engine Optimization

Individuals are relying on the internet now more than ever, and that means your political campaign can’t solely rely on traditional methods. Rather, you have to embrace the evolving world of digital marketing, as it will allow you to reach a wider array of potential voters. It’s estimated that there are more than 1.2 trillion Google search queries each year, so it’s essential that you maximize your online potential.

Of course, while a website is certainly appreciated, it won’t give you that advantage over the competitor. Less than 10-percent of Google users fail to advance to the second page of search results, emphasizing how important it is to get your campaign’s website to the front of the queue.

Receive Tangible Results

Wikimotive considers this process a collaborative one, and we want to work with our clients throughout the journey. As we’re devising your game plan, we’ll keep in mind all of your requests while also accounting for the best SEO practices. By producing high-quality content that manages to tout all of your campaign’s best attributes, we’ll assure that your applicable websites will soon be popping up towards the top of search results.

Websites for Political Campaigns

Our top-notch websites will advance your top-notch campaign

Website Design

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but there’s no denying that prospective voters are going to judge your website upon their initial visit. You’ll want to be assured that these sites are intuitive and user-friendly, and these attributes will surely lead to visitors actually staying on your applicable pages.

Wikimotive’s stunning website designs will leave voters gawking, as our expert team will devise a site that will easily guide visitors through all of your political offerings. We’re not solely looking to create a pamphlet; rather, we create a website that will have all visitors wanting to click and explore.

Mobile-Ready Designs

This year, it’s believed that 75-percent of internet users will browse the website via their smartphone. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to scare away any prospective voters thanks to a non-mobile-friendly website. Rather, you’ll want to make sure that these mobile sites are inviting, and Wikimotive will deliver in this regard. Our design team will assure that your site is workable on any type of device, allowing you to reach as wide a net as possible.

Video Production

Did you know visitors will stay an extra two minutes on your website if you have video?

Video is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways of reaching prospective voters. Nowadays, around 62-percent of Google universal searches include video, while a video is 50-times more likely to get ranked on Google than a plain-text blog. In other words, there’s no denying how much high-quality video can end up helping your campaign. Furthermore, there’s no denying how Wikimotive’s expert video team is ready to take this aspect of your digital marketing to a whole new level.

Have voters remembering your campaign

Whether you’re looking to produce an attack ad or a video that’s advertising all of your political beliefs, you’ll find that this content is an easy way to attract visitors.

How effective is it?

  • Video searches have a 41-percent better click-through rate than standard text pages
  • It’s estimated that video will account for almost 75-percent of online traffic
  • 55-percent of internet users watch at least one video each day

It’s obvious that consumers and voters are clearly opting for these videos instead of traditional text, and this is an easy advantage you can gain over your competitors.