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Digital Marketing For Your Real Estate Business

Only 25% of businesses are capitalizing on the wide array of advantages that accompany digital marketing. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that you’re maximizing your real estate company’s online potential. Of course, this is easier said than done, and no real estate agent should be expected to execute all of the relevant strategies.

Instead, these real estate companies should be turning to Wikimotive for all of their digital marketing needs. 93% of online interactions begin with a search engine, so you want your business highlighted when customers look for a real estate business via digital means. By opting for any combination of Wikimotive’s services, you’ll feel confident that your digital marketing potential is maximized.

The real estate industry is booming and demand is exceeding supply in many markets. What’s the best way to show your new home products to potential buyers? With nearly 400,000 real estate agents in the U.S., there’s a lot of competition. Most brokerages rely on generating their new customers through the Internet. Sure, agents still buy print advertising and direct mail pieces that are delivered to particular zip code areas. Some choose to you national online real estate databases. But if you really want to reach a specific target group for your home sales, digital marketing is the preferred method.

Website Design

Your goal is to differentiate yourself from other realtors and create a well-known brand in your area where potential clients will be inclined to use you as the definitive real estate service provider. The first job is to create a beautiful and professionally designed website. You’ll want to display your inventory of new home sales on your site and promote what sets you and your agency apart from the competition. We’ll make sure that your website becomes a powerful marketing and sales tool for your real estate business.

Search Engine Optimization

You’ll want to create high-value content about specific neighborhoods or types of homes crafted for hyper-local search engine optimization (SEO). We’ll help you to build an online marketing plan using SEO, creating relevant content, and sending out email marketing.

Reputation management

Like you, we are recognized professional leaders in the business of real estate marketing. No business ever wants to repair its reputation. But sometimes that’s not possible. At Wikimotive, we’ll ensure that your firm is in front of a potential client’s eyes so that you, the respected real estate agent, can work with new clients to get their homes on the market and generate buyers to visit these open houses. We’ll ensure that the home-buying public is receiving positive news about your real estate agency. While you take care of your customers, we keep abreast of new marketing techniques for the real estate industry.


If any of this seems over your head, that’s okay. Wikimotive is here to help. When you need to put together a digital marketing plan, turn to our team of professionals. While most real estate agents believe they’ve solved and established a viable social media platform, the industry continues to change and evolve. That’s why you need our expertise. We’ll develop a customized digital marketing plan that will let you and your real estate agents shine. Rather than continuing traditional routes such as traditional print advertising, your social media marketing will allow you to build wider, deeper relationships.

Begin the Journey Today

Wikimotive is excited to display our unique combination of experience, expertise, and flexibility as we look to maximize your real estate business’s online standing.

Reputation Management

Maximizing Your Real Estate Company’s Online Reputation

In today’s day and age, it can be especially difficult to manage your real estate business’s online reputation. There are so many online resources that customers can rely on, and their perception of your business will surely be influenced by these various websites. A recent study indicated that 88% of consumers value online reviews and personal recommendations equally, and this only confirms how important it is to protect and manage your online reputation.

Why You Should Maximize Your Online Reputation

Reason #1: Confirm Your Business’s Credibility 

Customers are relying on these online testimonies now more than ever. 83% of consumers say these reviews directly influence their perception of a particular business, so it’s essential that any of your business’s applicable online reports confirm your credibility. These positive reviews significantly impact your company more than any other marketing strategy, while the negative reviews can completely compromise your business’s standing in the eyes of a consumer. Fortunately, Wikimotive will constantly monitor all of your online profiles to assure that potential customers are only seeing the most honest (and, by extension, the most compelling) reviews.

Reason #2: Boost Search Engine Standing

Your standing on search engines isn’t solely influenced by content and SEO strategies. Rather, websites like Google also refer to your online reputation as they’re looking to rank similar businesses. Companies with positive online reviews tend to rocket towards the top of applicable search engine results. Predictably, this leads consumers to your business’s website, and this in turn leads to them opting for your business’s services.

Wikimotive Is Focused on Our Client’s Success

Wikimotive clearly understands how important it is for your business to maximize its online reputation, so we constantly monitor your online presence so that prospective customers only see the most glowing reviews. We take all of the responsibility off of you, and our team of experts help your business realize tangible marketing results.

Website Design

Impressive websites that will emphasize your impressive services

Consumers are no longer visiting realtors as they’re seeking some type of real estate services. Rather, they’re exploring all of their options via the internet, and the first place they’ll be stopping is at each of their targets’ websites. These sites are an excellent way to grab your prospective customers’ attention, and these visitors will usually translate into clients.

Wikimotive’s expert website design team will create a page that is both user-friendly and striking, impressing visitors while also enticing them to explore additional pages. When these visitors stay on your website, there’s a better chance that they’ll explore all of your services and offerings. In other words, if an intuitive website is doing its job, it should be alerting potential clients why they should be opting for your business instead of the competition.

Mobile-friendly Site

Wikimotive won’t just create a website that’s compatible with your desktop. Rather, we’re also focused on producing a website site that can easily accessed on mobile, as well. In this day and age, website responsiveness is of the utmost importance, as 41-percent of consumers believe their smartphone is their most important web-browsing gadget. Fortunately, Wikimotive will work directly with you to produce a website that is usable on any device, whether a desktop computer or smartphone.

Videos for Real Estate Marketing

Take your business to a new level

Video Production

Did you know four-times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a service than read about it?

Our video production team can help your online business capitalize on a digital marketing medium that few real estate businesses are taking advantage of. By producing high-quality and informative videos, we’ll be alerting consumers of your services while also ushering them to your website. This effective advertising method will have prospective customers remembering your brand and name, and you’ll surely stand out over those competitors who are relying on traditional (and less effective) strategies.

Have Consumers Remembering Your Business

Videos are one of the most effective ways of attracting clients. How effective are they?

  • One out of every three internet users visits YouTube
  • 500 million users watch Facebook videos daily
  • 80-percent of 18-to-49-year-olds watch at least one YouTube video per month

Users are taking in video like never before. If you’re looking to secure that leg up on the competition, then opt for Wikimotive’s video production team!