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The real estate industry is booming and demand is exceeding supply in many markets. What’s the best way to show your new home products to potential buyers? With nearly 400,000 real estate agents in the U.S., there’s a lot of competition. Most brokerages rely on generating their new customers through the Internet. Sure, agents still buy print advertising and direct mail pieces that are delivered to particular zip code areas. Some choose to you national online real estate databases. But if you really want to reach a specific target group for your home sales, digital marketing is the preferred method.




Your goal is to differentiate yourself from other realtors and create a well-known brand in your area where potential clients will be inclined to use you as the definitive real estate service provider. The first job is to create a beautiful and professionally designed website. You’ll want to display your inventory of new home sales on your site and promote what sets you and your agency apart from the competition. We’ll make sure that your website becomes a powerful marketing and sales tool for your real estate business.




You’ll want to create high-value content about specific neighborhoods or types of homes crafted for hyper-local search engine optimization (SEO). We’ll help you to build an online marketing plan using SEO, creating relevant content, and sending out email marketing.


Reputation management:


Like you, we are recognized professional leaders in the business of real estate marketing. No business ever wants to repair its reputation. But sometimes that’s not possible. At Wikimotive, we’ll ensure that your firm is in front of a potential client’s eyes so that you, the respected real estate agent, can work with new clients to get their homes on the market and generate buyers to visit these open houses. We’ll ensure that the home-buying public is receiving positive news about your real estate agency. While you take care of your customers, we keep abreast of new marketing techniques for the real estate industry.




If any of this seems over your head, that’s okay. Wikimotive is here to help. When you need to put together a digital marketing plan, turn to our team of professionals. While most real estate agents believe they’ve solved and established a viable social media platform, the industry continues to change and evolve. That’s why you need our expertise. We’ll develop a customized digital marketing plan that will let you and your real estate agents shine. Rather than continuing traditional routes such as traditional print advertising, your social media marketing will allow you to build wider, deeper relationships.

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