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Maximizing Your Real Estate Company’s Online Reputation

In today’s day and age, it can be especially difficult to manage your real estate business’s online reputation. There are so many online resources that customers can rely on, and their perception of your business will surely be influenced by these various websites. A recent study indicated that 88% of consumers value online reviews and personal recommendations equally, and this only confirms how important it is to protect and manage your online reputation.


Why You Should Maximize Your Online Reputation


Reason #1: Confirm Your Business’s Credibility 

Customers are relying on these online testimonies now more than ever. 83% of consumers say these reviews directly influence their perception of a particular business, so it’s essential that any of your business’s applicable online reports confirm your credibility. These positive reviews significantly impact your company more than any other marketing strategy, while the negative reviews can completely compromise your business’s standing in the eyes of a consumer. Fortunately, Wikimotive will constantly monitor all of your online profiles to assure that potential customers are only seeing the most honest (and, by extension, the most compelling) reviews.


Reason #2: Boost Search Engine Standing

Your standing on search engines isn’t solely influenced by content and SEO strategies. Rather, websites like Google also refer to your online reputation as they’re looking to rank similar businesses. Companies with positive online reviews tend to rocket towards the top of applicable search engine results. Predictably, this leads consumers to your business’s website, and this in turn leads to them opting for your business’s services.


Wikimotive Is Focused on Our Client’s Success

Wikimotive clearly understands how important it is for your business to maximize its online reputation, so we constantly monitor your online presence so that prospective customers only see the most glowing reviews. We take all of the responsibility off of you, and our team of experts help your business realize tangible marketing results.

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