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Capture New Clients with Effective Videos

In today’s competitive landscape, the written word is merely one vessel capable of transmitting your message to the world. Wikimotive’s video production team will create meaningful video content that catches the attention of your audience, and compels them to dig deeper and learn more about what you have to offer.

Wikimotive is the leading expert in custom explainer video production. Our team will script your video by crafting content that will effectively and succinctly communicate your intended message. With creative storyboarding and in-house illustrating services, your custom explainer video by Wikimotive will be a unique and compelling addition to your company’s online presence.

Video Content is a Powerful Tool for Your Business

Why? Simply put: numbers strongly indicate that video is an effective and powerful tool.

Numbers don’t lie, which is why when you hear that 4X as many customers would prefer to view a video about your product than read about it, it’s time to take action. Companies who utilize engaging video content on their website report a 49% faster growth in revenue than those who do not. If those two powerful statistics aren’t enough to sway your decision, how about this: 50% of internet consumers seek out videos related to a company prior to visiting a physical store location. With powerful video content from Wikimotive, your business will reach half of the online users you are currently missing out on.

Stand Out From the Competition

A well constructed video designed and produced by Wikimotive will give you a level up on the competition. 43% of recently-polled consumers report that they want to see more video content from marketers. Stand out in the endless sea of competition with strong video content that will propel your business to the surface, while others sink into the abyss.

Who knows? It might even make your company go viral. With Wikimotive’s video production services, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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