Nicholas Dragotas VP of Software Engineering at Wikimotive

Nicholas Dragotas

VP of Software Engineering

Team Member Bio

Describing himself as the “Servant Leader” of Wikimotive’s software engineering team, Nicholas Dragotas arrives with over 20 years of experience as a software engineer, providing him with a diverse array of valuable skillsets. Through the years, he has worked on projects ranging from wireless device and Network Management System software to aviation, graphics, and Web based applications.

After years of involvement in software project execution, Nicholas became a strong believer in ‘Agile’ software development methodologies. As a Scrum Master and Agile Process coach, he has seen the effectiveness of the ‘Agile’ approach which he brings to Wikimotive with the intention of fortifying the effectiveness of our software engineering team.

When not working alongside that team, Nicholas enjoys his life with Andrea (his wife of more than 11 years) and their son George. Crediting both with making him a better person, Nicholas enjoys outdoor time with his family, including sunny day jogs pushing George in his stroller.