Sara Johnson

Sara J, Office Coordinator at Wikimotive

Reception (& Sustenance Specialist)

Team Member Bio

We could describe Sara as our ‘receptionist’, but that feels like a bit of an understatement. We could even try ‘office assistant’ but it just doesn’t fit. That’s why our Organizational Flow Chart lists her official position as “Office Mom”. Does your workplace provide fresh-cooked, hand-prepared meals each day, and personalized birthday cakes for its employees? No? Well, we do, and Sara’s the phenomenal mastermind behind all of it. Of course, her contributions extend far beyond food. Serving as office assistant in everything from labeling documents to the general organization of the office, we are never sure how she gets so much work done in a given day. When she’s not busy keeping us well-stocked and well-fed, Sara enjoys time with her husband Eric and children Zach, Megan and Adam. A proud member of two great semi-pro and youth football organizations and a diehard fan of the Oakland Raiders, sports are a huge part of her life.