Sarah Nowick Social Media Specialist at Wikimotive

Sarah Nowick

Social Media Specialist

Team Member Bio

Sarah arrived at Wikimotive, a graduate of Bryant University with her bachelors degree in business administration (specializing in digital marketing and psychology) and a taste for adventure. Having built a reputation in Australia for cliff-diving, extreme hiking, riding the highest bungee-swing in New Zealand – and with plans to tackle skydiving and every rollercoaster in existence – what’s left for an adrenaline junkie to do but wrestle the world of social media marketing into submission? A lover of animals (especially her own “fur baby”, Linus) Sarah also considers herself an avid makeup guru, a lover of Mexican food, and a newly-diagnosed tryptophobic with a deep appreciation for the soothing lullaby offered by murder mystery podcasts. It’s okay. We have questions, too…