5 Reasons Why Dealers Should Tune into #GetYourSocialOn

Posted on by Erin Ryan
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There is a lot of pressure on dealerships to get started with social media. Many Internet Managers and employees are left with handling the brand’s social presence on top of their current position, usually forcing social media to be on the back burner. This is a huge mistake.

Some of the employees who are assigned social media understand it and some don’t. Either way, the majority still want to do a good job for their dealership. Those of you in this position know that social media feels like another full-time job, and in fact, when done correctly, it is.

As the Director of Social Media at Wikimotive, I regularly work with dealerships that fight this battle. They want the best for their dealership and are looking for help to make that happen. What I have come to realize is that education is key. Dealers that have the drive and passion to succeed need an outlet to provide them with resourceful information about social media that they can apply to their strategy.

That is why you are invited to join myself and Amanda Ryan, who also has years of experience of applying social media marketing strategies, and currently works as the Social Media Manager here at Wikimotive, to join us every Thursday as we co-host a segment on Auto Dealer Live together in order to help dealerships get the most out of social media.

No matter what position you hold at your dealership, understanding how to use social media for business is crucial, as it can impact your overall internet marketing strategy. Social media now affects SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and what is being said about your dealership online can hinder or help a sale.

Amanda and I are more than happy to share our insights with you LIVE every week starting this Thursday at 3:30pm EST on Auto Dealer Live. Our segment is appropriately titled “Get Your Social On,” and we will certainly help you do just that.

5 Reasons Why Dealers Should Tune into Get Your Social On

Get Your Social On with Erin and Amanda Ryan

  1. It is FREE – Free education is priceless when it comes to aiming your dealership with the right knowledge to succeed.
  2. Expert Advice that will Advance Your Dealership – Gain knowledge on how to become an authority within the automotive industry.
  3. Crush the Competition – Your competition is most likely on social networks. Learn how you can fast forward your dealership’s social media to get in front of customers IMMEDIATELY.
  4. Network with the Best of the Best within the Automotive Industry – As much as we like to go at it on our own, leader’s network with other likeminded people to be inspired and to learn from each other. Get Your Social On on Auto Dealer LIVE is THE spot to connect with others within the Industry.
  5. We will Have FUN! Everyone needs a break from the day, so tune in and have some fun with us.

You can tune in for the LIVE version of Get Your Social On on UStream or Listen in on BlogTalkRadio. We too understand the hectic lives of Dealers and that is why each show is also recorded so you can watch at a time that is more convenient for you without having to miss an episode.

We look forward to see you on Thursday’s and together let’s Get Our Social On!