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Apple is one of, if not the most, dominating companies in the technology field. Apple desktops, laptops, tablets, and music devices produce the highest sales compared to their competitors. Why should Apple not try to boost their sales even more by breaking into the TV field as well?

The Apple TV has been in circulation since 2007. It has not become too popular from what I have noticed yet, I do own one myself. From my experience with the first generation Apple TV it is not much different then the “On Demand” capability available from your cable company . The only difference is that it allows you to surf the Internet from your TV. I was able to watch a YouTube video on the big screen rather than just on my laptop.

What makes the Apple TV so convenient is that it links your iTunes Library on your computer to the TV. Whatever you purchase on iTunes, be it music, movies, or podcasts, will now be available on both your TV and computer. The latest Apple TV looks to have quite a few new features that makes the device more appealing to purchase.

The newest Apple TV includes much of their latest technology like Siri, that is included in the iPhone4S. Siri is a voice command system where you can speak what you want the device to do and it will do it for you.  Forget about that lost remote control because you will not need it! Tell Siri, “Play The Big Bang Theory” and it will be played. Tell it to pause, and it shall be done without the touch of a button.

In addition to voice recognition software, Apple is also making a move to eliminate the need for cable companies all together. Similar to the apps for the iPhone and iPad, apps for TV stations are in the works. Apple is leaning towards a “pay for what you watch” style unlike the cable companies that bundle channels together, whether you want to watch them or not. Why has no one thought of this before? I am in favor of this new style to watching TV and am excited to trade in my first generation Apple TV for the latest model in order to replace a potentially expensive cable bill.

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