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Chances are if you’re reading this, you are familiar with how to use the Internet and the power that it has. Also, I’m sure you have come to realize how addicting social networking can be. What’s the first name that comes to mind when you think of social networking? … FACEBOOK, of course. One would presume that with the high number of social media sites already on the Internet, there couldn’t possibly be room for any more. We’ll see about that.

A new rookie has stepped up to the plate with high hopes, and expectations even higher. It goes by the name, Chime.In. Chime.In officially launched this past Tuesday, Oct 18th 2011, and after watching the public flock to the “newness” of the site, I am left in awe by it.

At first glance, the page seems to be a recreated version of Twitter. My initial reaction was borderline disgust. I have never been a fan of Twitter, due to its lack of “reason” behind why people join. Why do they insist on narrating their lives for the world? However, after looking further into what Chime.In has to offer, I started to see that it actually has a purpose and structure.

Facebook consists of pages for its users to “like” but, it is still a site focused towards people getting in touch with their old friends, or going out and finding new ones. The new playing card Chime.In has brought to the table is nothing like what Facebook and Twitter offer. Chime.In bases their entire site on rational topics that its users share and look for insight on, instead of in depth personal profiles and biographies. This allows users to directly connect and converse via shared interests in media or their opinions. It can be compared to a combination between Facebook, Twitter, AND the nightly news channel.

Like any new companies trying to break into the market, it does not happen overnight, nor do they expect it to. Google+ still has not grown as rapidly as everyone had imagined but that does not mean they have been ruled out as a major competitor to Facebook. I envision Chime.In having the same results. Only time will tell. I hope that Chime.In succeeds because in my opinion, it has more of a purpose in social media because it hones in on people’s opinions on specific topics.

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