Example of Social Media Gold: Do you think this kid misses his cell phone?

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This is precisely the kind of content you should be posting on your social media pages. It is interesting, fun and engaging — it gets people talking and that is the goal, period. I know, you want to sell stuff, get them talking and coming back for more and they’ll be coming in and buying your widgets.

Now that you know the kind of stuff you want to post, where do you get it? Well one great resource is right here on this page. Can you point it out? I’ll give you a hint: scroll down the page and look right over there

Can you spot it? Digg.com is one of the best resources on the web for relevant, interesting, and just plain crazy content on the web. If you can’t find something interesting on that page and your the internet manager/digital marketing professional/social media person, it’s time for a new career.

Now if you’re just going to post this stuff on your facebook and/or twitter pages, then this is all there is to it. Write a interesting line and attach the link! If you have a blog and you want to expand the mix of your content but you don’t have an original thought in your body you can just copy articles like this to your page. Uh oh, ready? Here come the experts who will say, “You can’t do that! That’s duplicate content!” Well they’re only half right.

In case you haven’t noticed, you’re already four paragraphs into this page and there has yet to be any duplicate content. The fact that I am prefacing the article with this unique content further and further reduces the duplicate content danger. In fact there are some great highly ranked sites out there who completely plagiarize all of their articles and simply preface the article with a short paragraph of original content. When you factor in my page’s different images and rss feeds and tag clouds, etc and google has virtually no idea that I copied the article.

To ensure that I don’t get penalized if they do, I just post a link referencing the original article. It won’t get the same weight as the original article, but google now realizes that with the arrival of social media, people share things again and again. So no harm, no foul! The article is below this paragraph. If you wish to see the original article, please click this Automotive News link. Now don’t forget: Please comment and REMEMBER: There are no stupid questions!

In a world where many teens seem to lack both patience and common sense, one teen in Glendora, CA, demonstrated both masterfully.

Steven Ortiz, 17, used Craigslist to trade his way up from an old cell phone to a Porsche.  It took him 2 years of bartering like mad, but it appears that the effort was worth it. He’s the only student at Charter Oak High School who drives a Porsche to school.

His path from old cell phone to Porsche included working his way up to an iPod, then a MacBook Pro laptop. Eventually, Ortiz traded up from electronics to dirt bikes, then cars and trucks, and an SUV.

“A lot of my friends are jealous,” Ortiz said. “A lot of my friends come up to me and tell me, ‘You want to trade my phone for a car? Try to get me a Ferrari.’ I tell them it’s not that easy. It takes time and patience, definitely.”

Ortiz’s skill at identifying a good deal started years ago when he would buy cell phones off of his friends. At $30 each, he would turn around and sell the used cell phones online for three times the amount he paid. He also picked up a knack for repairing electronics, which enabled him to take something that was almost worthless and get it functioning again.

Eventually, Ortiz discovered bartering. Many people online are looking for ways to exchange something they don’t need in order to get something they do need. These same people often realize that they can get more through bartering than through selling the item for cash.

“A lot of people don’t have money right now, in this economy. So they think, `I really need a new phone, but I don’t have the money. Here I have this CD player lying around that I don’t use anymore, maybe I can trade,”‘ Steven’s father Esteban explained.

Like many Americans, the Ortiz family has been hit hard by the economy. But with his uncanny ability to scour the Web for incredible deals, Steven Ortiz has still managed to get whatever he wants, despite facing economic hardship.

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