Facebook can Zuckonit!

Posted on by Timothy Martell
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Facebook Pages Redesigned… Again!

You may or may not know it, but Facebook is at it again! Completely new interface and method for engagement for fans of pages. What’s worse? They took even more space back from the page owners! Why? For larger Facebook ad space! GRRRR!!!!

OK it’s not all bad. The new product looks like it will be great for fans of pages. Perhaps they’re trying to get fans to come back to pages? You may know that once a user like’s a page they rarely return, they simply refer to their news feed for messaging from pages… We’ll see! Only time will tell.

For those of you wondering, the new pixel width is 491 px wide… Something Facebook neglected to mention in their update. Pretty soon, the ads section will be larger than the pages section… Not cool Mark! NOT COOL!

What do you think about the new page design?

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