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G+ song
Posted on by Timothy Martell
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This article was originally posted on Soshable by Connor Livingston. Part of me is actually torn about sharing this. This video is kind of like “The Ring”. My soul is tortured for having watched this and now I must share my misery with the world. Enjoy!

Should we kill it before it begins?

For the first time since launch, I’m starting to regret the creation of Google Plus. Just a little. Nothing to be alarmed about. I’m still sold on the idea that Google Plus will succeed, but after watching the video below, I’m partially hoping for a failure.

It’ll pass. I’ll be rooting for the Facebook killer soon enough. I just need some time to recover from watching this video. If you hate it as much as me, let me know. If I’m being a hater for no reason, I can accept that. I simply won’t listen to the song ever, ever again, and the world will be a better place for it.

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