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In the weeks since our welcoming of Greg Gifford to the team, there has been no shortage of exciting developments and news stories worth sharing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our newly-named Vice President of Search, Gifford is an experienced specialist in Local SEO, an educator, and honored speaker at SEO conferences around the globe. Known for his distinct style and obscure movie quotes, one could argue that his understanding of personal brand marketing is as inarguable as his understanding of digital marketing.

Wikimotive is proud to share that Gifford’s globetrotting repertoire will now be making a welcome return to Saint Petersburg, Russia where he will be a guest at SEMRush corporate headquarters.

With over ten years of experience and more than 500 employees in four countries, SEMrush dedicates their global presence to the pursuit of fair and transparent online competition. As the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing, SEMrush boasts over 3,000,000 register users and more than 20,000 partners, many of which have been empowered to increase their annual revenue by up to 10x!

A huge part of that shared success comes from their online educational resource, SEMrush Academy. Having earned many accolades, SEMrush Academy has been called the “Best SEO Suite” and “Best Search Software Tool” celebrated for both its effectiveness, and accessibility.

Last year, SEMrush Academy had recruited Greg Gifford to host a 31-lesson webisodic series, focused on the fundamentals of SEO. According to SEMrush, the course will be about delivering “a better understanding of how to do SEO and to drive more traffic and customers to your website,” the free four-hour course (which ranks as the most popular SEMrush series ever) can be found at

By popular demand, Gifford has been invited back to SEMrush. Not only will he serve as the presenter in four ALL NEW online courses (focused on Local SEO, Link Management, Mobile SEO and Keyword Search) but he will also be sharing his coveted insights with a group of local Saint Petersburg digital marketers. To paraphrase our Chief Digital Officer Angus Fox (when Gifford autographed his SEMRush Certificate) we, “couldn’t be more proud.”

A closeup of Greg Gifford on an orange background
With recognizable names like Amazon, eBay, HP, and Forbes counted among those who trust SEMrush insights and guidance it is easy for us to get excited about the esteem in which the team at SEMrush holds our VP of Search.

While we are speaking about the powerhouse duo of Greg Gifford and Angus Fox, we at Wikimotive had the pleasure of launching our new weekly Local SEO series Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki this past week on June 18th. If you haven’t already watched our first video, Fox welcomed Gifford who presented his promise of exciting content that you will not want to miss! Join us for a new episode every week as Greg Gifford (backed by Angus Fox and our world-class team of SEO dynamos) provides insights and actionable data designed to benefit local businesses in any (and every) vertical, helping them to improve their search visibility and grow their business.

There’s a lot going on here at Wikimotive, and this is all just the beginning. So, be sure to stay tuned on (and follow us on social media*) so that you won’t miss a single episode of Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki, details on Gifford’s upcoming SEMrush Academy series, or any of the exciting updates and announcements to come from Wikimotive. And yes, that includes all of Gifford’s traveling adventures and sneak peeks into the culture-centric workplace that we are all so proud to be a part of.

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