Gifford & Pubcon: Favorite of Vegas Oddsmakers

Greg Gifford is standing in front of a Las Vegas building for Pubcon Las Vegas.
Posted on by Jason Cook
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Las Vegas, NV – This week, the Las Vegas Convention Center will play host to the 2019 Pubcon Las Vegas conference, attracting some of the most influential names in SEO, Social Media, and Full Stack Developing. With well over 100 speakers scheduled, there’s no shortage of game-changing insights to be gained. And you guessed it, Pubcon Las Vegas is just the latest stop in Greg Gifford’s 2019 World Tour. So let’s refrain from any cliched mention of “What happens in Vegas…”, not just because it’s long-since played out, but also because you’re going to take home everything that Wikimotive’s Greg Gifford is bringing to the party. 

Chances are, this isn’t the first time you’ve witnessed Greg’s prolific presentation style. Perhaps you’ve recently seen Greg in action at Mozcon in Seattle, SEMRush in Moscow, Learn Inbound in Dublin, Brighton SEO in the United Kingdom, or at Advanced Search Summit in D.C. Then again, you might be among those who enjoy the recaps found in his weekly ‘Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki’ series here at For some of you, this might be your very first time seeing Greg speak. But no matter which group you’re a part of, get ready to learn about the latest in SEO, supercharged and filtered through Greg’s unique pop culture lens.

If you’re unable to attend Pubcon (or simply unable to catch Greg’s presentation amidst the sea of Pubcon activities that are competing for your attention), don’t worry. You can catch Greg’s recap of the entire presentation on the October 15th episode of ‘Tactical Tuesdays.’

Twitter users, you can count on @greggifford and @wikimotive to relay all the highlights of Pubcon via rapid-fire LIVE tweets!