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Posted on by Timothy Martell
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Recently Google started offering vanity URLs for Google Plus. The announcement stated that the vanity URLs will start being rolled out with a few verified users but it will soon become available for all users. Finally this is what many of us have been waiting for with Google+ no more massive strings of numbers in your URL now you can just have a simple short URL like and this will make Google Plus Marketing much more convenient now.

Besides letting you get rid of the number string and add your personal username Google is also dropping the ‘plus’ from the URL to make it even shorter. For example we would be able to change our Google+ URL to or Wired could use This should make it much easier for brands to optimize their Google+ and do better branding, not to mention you can actually write out your profile URL now and it will be recognizable and easy to remember.

Some brands as well as a few famous people have already taken advantage of these new URLs. Among them are Hugo, Ubisoft, David Beckham, and Hugh Jackman. Not to worry though your old link back to Hugh Jackman’s profile will still work as of this writing.  Hopefully Google will continue to forward the old URL scheme to a new one if you set it up, so that you don’t have to go scouring the internet for any Google+ link you may have buried somewhere and change it.

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