Google Replaces Website Optimizer With Content Expiriments

Google Content Expiraments Welcom Page
Posted on by Timothy Martell
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Google recently added an exciting new feature to Google Analytics. The feature is called Content Experiments and replaces a previous tool called Web Optimizer. The two tools have a similar interface and share some features but there are a few key differences. The biggest difference being the lack of multivariate testing in Content Experiments, for now it only supports A/B testing. Both of these tools allow you to test the design variations on certain pages to see what combinations work best for your online marketing.

In Content experiments you can use goals that you’ve already set up in Google Analytics as the focus for a split test. Currently you can only use URL destination or Event goals but the ability to see split testing for specific goals of your website is excellent. This makes it much easier to optimize your conversion pages where you want someone to click a button, a link, or play a video.

Whenever your doing testing on your site make sure you think about the SEO implications as well. Use rel”canonical” to inform Google which of your test pages is the main page you want indexed. also once the test is complete make sure you 301 redirect from the other test page URL’s to the final page.

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