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Google released an update for their social network Google+ on Wednesday which included an all new look. The update introduced a revamped navigation as well as some new features focused around hangouts. They also updated the look of the profile pages making them more aesthetically appealing (and suspiciously similar to Facebook’s Timeline look). The update is definitely an improvement and should make your social media marketing activities a little bit more enjoyable.

The best part of the new Google+ updates is the revamping of the navigation bar. Google has made it customizable by allowing you to drag and drop the elements to organize them any way you want. All of the navigation items have also been moved into a vertical bar on the left side of the page and have also been aesthetically improved. This is a huge improvement over their previous clunky and cluttered navigation effort.

Google has also completely revamped their “news feed” which now better separates each post, provides additional information, and features full bleed photos. Google has also further highlighted Hangouts, one of their main selling points. They’ve given Hangouts their own dedicated page now which will include a list of invitations, a rotating billboard showing the most popular hangouts, and easy access to public and live hangouts.

Finally Google has announced along with this update that they now have over 170 million Google+ users, although they still count people who share through all of their other various services so this number still isn’t quite accurate.

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