Google Rolls Out AdMob A New Ad Network For Mobile

Ad Mob by Google
Posted on by Timothy Martell
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Recently Google announced the addition of a mobile ad network to the already accessible and user friendly Adwords platform. This new Mobile ad network is called AdMob and is extremely specialized in mobile device targeting. This means you can tweak your digital marketing strategy to target groups of mobile applications like games, weather, travel, and shopping apps. If you had a certain app in mind for your ad you can also target a specific application. This is a game changer for targeted mobile advertising.

To get started you’ll need to create a separate account for billing, management and reporting in the AdMob interface. Once that is done you’ll have access to 300,000 mobile applications and 350 million mobile devices. The AdMob network is largely sold as an outlet for promoting other applications. However it can be so much more powerful than that, you can reach your customers with any product on a device they literally have with them every where they go.

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