Great Scott! Greg Gifford’s Headed to SearchLove London

Greg Gifford is holding a guitar at the SearchLove London event.
Posted on by Jason Cook
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On October 14th and 15th, search marketers from around the globe will converge upon London to cover everything from content and optimization, to paid promotion and analytics at SearchLove London 2019. Not only does the two-day event provide digital marketers with an opportunity to meet their industry peers, gaining inspiration and actionable techniques designed to widen their field of knowledge – but it gives Wikimotive’s very own Greg Gifford another trip across the pond to join SearchLove’s impressive roster of speaker presenters. 

This year he’s in great company. Since 2000 the team at Distilled has hosted SearchLove events on both sides of the Atlantic in some of the most influential technology hubs and urban destinations. But even with offices in both New York and Seattle, it’s London that Distilled calls ‘home’ and the digital marketing elite are all-too-happy to stop by and crash on their proverbial couch by attending SearchLove. 

It seems like just yesterday (or maybe three weeks ago) that Greg was captivating audiences in the United Kingdom with his valuable insights into the past, present, and future of SEO. Since then, he has wowed crowds in both Washington D.C. and Las Vegas at Advanced Search Summit and PubCon, respectively. But now, Greg’s bringing his own unique brand of charismatic anarchy back to the United Kingdom – exclusively for SearchLove – with an all-new presentation titled ‘Doc Brown’s Plutonium-Powered Local SEO Playbook.’ 

That’s right, SearchLove. It’s about time to climb in and buckle up because when Greg hits 88 miles an hour, you’re going to see some serious sh*t. If you’ve witnessed Greg onstage, you probably understand the reputation he’s developed for setting Twitter afire. From the overwhelming response of his enthusiastic audiences to Greg’s infamous live-Tweeting of any event that he’s at, the contagious excitement and mutual appreciation is enough to tear a hole in the space/time continuum. Be sure to follow @greggifford and @wikimotive so that you don’t miss any of the knowledge and fun. 

Not everyone will be able to attend SearchLove. Whether you simply can’t be there, or simply missed Greg’s presentation, don’t worry. In addition to Twitter, you can find Greg’s recap of his entire presentation on the October 29th episode of ‘Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki’ right here on Don’t need money. Don’t need fame. Don’t even need a credit card to ride this train. 

That’s the power of love. SearchLove that is.