Greg Gifford to ‘Frighten’ BrightonSEO

Greg Gifford of Wikimotive in front of a building in England
Posted on by Jason Cook
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Brighton, England – This week, the Brighton Centre will play host to a global event which, twice a year, has welcomed tens of thousands of the brightest minds in the Search Engine Optimization community. That’s Right: Round 2 of BrightonSEO 2019 is upon us, and who better to take the UK event by storm, than Wikimotive’s own ‘Triple G’? That’s ‘Globetrotting Greg Gifford’ for the benefit of anyone who thought we were just saying his name three times in the hopes he’d appear.

The next stop on Greg’s perpetual ‘World Tour’ is BrightonSEO, and it is big. Really big. In fact, the event has expanded from being “a few people meeting at an upstairs room in a pub” to being held in the biggest venue in Brighton. While the team at BrightonSEO may claim that they’re “still not sure how that happened,” those thousands of attendees and dozen of celebrated speakers would have no problem explaining why it has become such an exclusive event phenomenon.

Two years ago, the second installment of BrightonSEO 2017 sold out all of their free tickets in four minutes. Interest in BrightonSEO was so intense in 2018 that internet traffic crashed the ticketing platform.

Greg Gifford’s no stranger to packed houses and sold-out venues, and he’ll be bringing his coveted SEO insights to BrightonSEO2019. He comes with all of the energy and pageantry you’d expect from ‘that other guy’ who appears if you say his name three times. So, it’s fitting that Greg’s presentation is called ‘Beetlejuice’s Guide to Entities and the Future of SEO.’ As his legions of fans known: no matter what the business vertical, Greg’s insights and actionable steps are both inestimably valuable and immediately applicable. His horror-themed presentation should bot be missed.

Not all of us will be lucky enough to make it to BrightonSEO 2019, though. In fact, there’s likely to be plenty of poor souls at BrightonSEO who won’t even get a chance to see Greg Gifford in action (we mentioned it’s a big event, right)? Well – whether you make it to BrightonSEO or not – we’ve got you covered at Greg will be sharing his entire presentation on a new episode of ‘Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki’ premiering on Tuesday, September 24th.

Don’t forget, you can catch the highlights of BrightonSEO in real-time, by following the rapid Twitter thumbs of both @greggifford and @wikimotive.