How To Develop A Strong Google Plus Strategy

Google Plus Ripples
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Google+ can be an excellent tool to round out your social (and search) strategy, but managing it along with all of your other social and SEO duties can be daunting. If you have a proper social strategy you’re probably also trying to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and a slew of other social sites. So how to you keep your head above the water with Google+ as well? Here are a few tips for your social media marketing strategy that will help you make the most of Google+.

Checking your notifications isn’t enough you need to make sure that you reply to your notifications as often as possible. As you should know from your other ventures with social media just having a profile and posting content is not enough you need to be engaging your community to get the most out of your strategy. Make sure you thank people who have shared one of your posts, and always read and reply to your comments. You should also be searching your brand name and keywords to see what people are saying about you and responding.

Ripples is a really cool tool on google that visually displays how your posts are being shared, make sure you’re always checking this so that you can see what content makes the biggest splash (see what I did there) and then adjust your strategy. You can search any URL on ripples and see how it is being shared, even your competitors ripple results could prove beneficial to you.

Another thing you should have learned from your other social media ventures is that one of the best ways to get noticed is by mentioning other people and brands directly. If you write a blog about industry leaders in SEO, for example, and you’ve posted it on Google+ why not mention a couple of the people you highlighted in the blog. Catching the attention of influential people or brands by mentioning them will absolutely help get your content more shares and more exposure.

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