Hurricane’s Bring Out the Stupid in Us

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Funny Images From Hurricane Irene

Look, I know that in spite of the fact that Irene failed to live up to its hype, Hurricane Irene was no joke. I mean it was a serious bit of drizzle that inconvenienced a whole lot of people who bought a lifetime supply of toilet paper and D batteries. Hell, it even broke Vermont. VERMONT IS BROKEN, PEOPLE! And make no mistake about it — It’s Hurricane Irene’s fault. That said, there are some funny pictures that came from it. Over-hyped disasters really bring out the best in people and it seems New Yorkers are among the best of them!

Here’s a smart idea! You can always count on New Yorkers to come up with brilliant way’s to protect their stuff!

Funny Hurricane Picture

This guy is definitely the Winner of Hurricane Irene

Flooded House Sandy

Got to love this bar in North Carolina. They definitely have their priorities straight! They invited customers to brace for Irene by stuffing their faces with the same sea creatures that would be flooding their basements. After all, we all know that nothing can separate an American from an oversized plate of food and a cocktail list — Not even 65mph winds. While I respect the insane defiance of mixing a hurricane in the middle of a hurricane, it’s got to be a challenge when all the ingredients are smashed against the wall and your hurtling sideways through the air.

Funny Restaurant Sign

I don’t know who let this pervert on the air, but this is TV gold right here!

Weatherman Humor

This “old lady” is just very upset and it’s Irene’s fault!

Justin Bieber Old Lady

Very serious news report happening here, but don’t worry. Spiderman is on top of things.

Hurricane Irene TV

Ah, New Yorker’s really are the best at coming up with ingenious ways to protect their stuff!

Funny Irene Car

And if nothing else, they will tell that hurricane right where to go! Don’t mess with Red Hook!

Funny Boarded House

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