LG, Helping Make the Jump From Smart Phones to Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances
Posted on by Timothy Martell
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Smart phones are a not so simple device we take for granted on a day to day basis. They help us manage our lives from just a pockets reach away. Task management, business email access, internet browsing, and social networking. Let us not forget they do make simple phone calls too. They are always in high demand. As nice as it is to have so much capability in one small device, why not make this technology possible in some other day-to-day objects as well? Let’s just say, your household appliances. 

Refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers, even your vacuum cleaners are getting a major upgrade from LG. All of which will be part of their “smart appliance” lineup in the near future. With WiFi capability, they can be accessed remotely from the home owners smart phone with an easily downloadable app.

The new refrigerators have an LCD touchscreen built onto the door. This allows the user to do anything from taking notes of what is needed from the store, to listening to music while preparing a meal. To make mealtime just as easy and fun as prep time, LG has enabled their new smart ovens with texting abilities. Your oven is able to text you to let you know when your meal is done. This is a great idea if you are one of those people who finds themselves loosing track of time in your busy daily routine.

Out of the kitchen and into the laundry room, the new smart washers and dryers give you the ability to hook up computers and other devices with a USB port. This port allows users to program how the washer/dryer should preformed when you have clothes made of certain materials, or even specific stains.

Last but not least on the list is the smart vacuum. Not only does this vacuum not need a driver, but it has cameras built into the system. Those cameras map out the rooms throughout your house so the vacuum can quickly and easily clean your carpets hassle-free. You do not ever need to touch it. On top of that, you can even get a point of view image sent to your smartphone to show you what the vacuum sees.

All of these smart appliances can me accessed with a downloadable app along with purchasing LG’s new appliances. The app allows you options to see the energy consumptions of each appliance for the day, week, or even month. Recipes, special alert, and software updates are a few other downloadable options. Like all smart phones, all of this capability comes at a hefty price. But, like smart phones, I believe it is worth it. I know what I am putting on my wish list this upcoming Christmas!

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