Listen To Google, It Might Save You A Headache

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Automotive SEO is a constantly changing business, you have to always be on your toes to stay abreast of the trends and most up to date tactics. People who do SEO for the automotive industry for a living tend to spend a lot of time just researching the latest information, there aren’t many industries where you could be on top of the world one moment and nothing the next based on the whim of another company.

Take for example the infamous penguin update. Google had been saying for years that you shouldn’t buy links or use other shady link building practices. But when the update rolled out everyone was shocked when they lost their rankings. The problem was that these approaches had worked for a long time, and they often worked quickly and effectively. Since most businesses were just looking for results many SEOs decided to take the quantity over quality approach.

The problem is using these “black hat” SEO tactics came with a risk one that SEOs were aware of, and that was the potential threat of it coming back to haunt them, and it did. So hopefully a lesson was learned, listen to Google! This doesn’t mean trying to figure out their ever changing algorithm, but rather just listening to their advice, it tends to be pretty good.

So what are they saying now? One of the biggest topics recently has been local search. Google just recently integrated places into Google+ making Google+ Local. Of course this will have huge implications for local search and if you don’t have a Google+ Local page yet you’d better set one up soon.

Google also releases a document called webmaster guidelines on a regular basis which offers best practices for website optimization. Recently they’ve been trumpeting that content is a big indicator of a quality site and you should “make sites primarily for users, not search engines.” This means cutting out the keyword stuffing and focusing more on informative and relevant content. Good copywriters should be able to get keywords into text naturally and without forcing it.

The fact is SEO isn’t difficult or confusing it’s just hard, time consuming, work. If you pay attention to what Google is telling you and act on their advice it really takes all the guess work out of it.

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