Man Dresses As Goat, Plays With Herd!

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Listen, sorry about the headline, that’s not actually what this is about (though it is a true story)…but it proves a point: people can’t help but click on weird news headlines!

We all know blogging is a crucial aspect of any business’s search engine optimization strategy. It is a great way to product unique, engaging content. A good blog will be the seed for all your future SEO processes, growing other efforts like your social media. A well written blog, syndicated to your Facebook and Twitter pages, will organically funnel traffic to your main page. The trick? Producing content that people want to click!

How do you make clickable content? For starters, remember that no one will care if you write about your next big sale or the new inventory you just got in. You need to write blogs that jump out at people, blogs that they can’t help but want to read.

In our experience, the best place to get ideas for engaging content is in the news. You can’t just go pick any random news story though. Sad to say, but most people could not care less about politics or world news. What really gets people’s interest is the bizarre. Find the strangest, craziest news from the web, and your guaranteed to garner some interest.

Luckily, you don’t have to scour the web for your weird news, there are plenty of places that make a habit of weird news aggregators. We have said it before, but is a great place to find interesting, breaking stories. Another great option is the Huffington Post, they actually have an entire section devoted entirely to weird news. If you search around, you’ll find plenty of places, just remember, the weirder the better!

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