Most Companies Are Not Taking Advantage Of Google Plus Properly

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Since Google launched their social media platform Google Plus last September there has been a lot of speculation as to how it would affect search ranking. Most SEO’s by then were aware that search engines were starting to use social indicators more and more, so the addition of Google Plus just made social media marketing that much more relevant. In a recent study it was shown that 68% of companies did not know the impact that Google Plus was having on their search marketing campaigns, 29% thought it was neutral and only 4% thought it was making a difference either positive or negative.

Also a part of the same study companies were asked what they’ve done since Google Plus was launched. 56% of companies answered that they’ve done nothing about it. Only 33% had made a Google Plus brand page and just 6% had actually taken the time to use it and measure their results. So why are companies still skeptical of Google Plus and  it’s effect on search rankings?

Google pretty much dominates the internet. And yes Google Plus has a big impact on search rankings and results already. This should be obvious if you use Google on a daily basis, you will see search results served at the top of the page for no other reason than someone in one of your circles had plus one’d it. Obviously Google is being a bit biased with their own social media platform but the others can and will have an effect on your search rankings as well. In fact Google has publicly stated that social media indicators are part of their algorithms now.

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