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Digg has been trying to make a comeback recently and even went so far as to completely redesign their site in the hopes that they can climb back towards the top of the social media ranks. Once upon a time Digg was at the top, it was the place to be. Unfortunately for them arguments over preferential treatment of some users and poor design had them nearly on the brink of extinction recently.

Then Diggs ownership changed hands and lots of changes were made. They did away with the endless text columns with numbers telling you how many time a story was dug. The new design is a complete departure form their old style but that is the only thing it separates itself from. Now Digg looks like every other content site out there with big photos and an online magazine type look. Of course this is definitely an improvement, the site is easier to read, the large photos make it more visually appealing and the Digg numbers are much less prominent, cutting down on the competition factor and turning the site into a place to read top news stories.

Some of the changes weren’t so great however. Oddly you now have to use Facebook to login now. In one story I read on this subject someone described this new login system as having to get a NewYork Times Subscription in order to read The LA Times. There’s definitely still some work to be done on the new site as well, some users have complained about bugs and error messages. Mainly Digg users biggest beef with the redesign is that everything that made Digg what it was is now gone, and in its place is a generic online news site which still has some bugs to work out.

Are there too many ways to share on the internet these days? Is there even any room for Digg to squeeze itself back into the mix? Unfortunately I don’t think Digg is going to make a resurgence, they no longer offer anything that we can’t get somewhere else.

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