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Just When You Thought You’d Figured It Out…

I’m not going to lie, I had fun sharing the 7 Ways to Kill the Newsticker story and playing to the massive crowd of those of you who HATE the “NewFacebook”. The truth is, I actually like it. And while I knew we had only seen a glimpse of the changes in store, I could never have imagined what Facebook ultimately had in store for us.

I don’t think anyone truly understands just how much of a game changer this new tech will be. The fundamental principal that Facebook was built on — the “Like” is now an afterthought. They are employing some of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence to power the real New Facebook that promises to understand YOU.

Let’s examine that for a moment. We’re not talking about simply a computer using a bunch of data and assigning probability here. We’re talking a deep and complex understanding of each user that is using Facebook. We’re talking about “Why”. This new AI will understand not only that a playlist you spent time working on is more important to you than a song you just listened to, but it will “know” why. Furthermore it will “know” why some of your connections (IE family) might share a connection to that some for some personal reason and why other connections might not. It will know why some of your friends will want to listen to that song you just heard and others will not. It will know all of this about all of you all of the time the same time it “knows” everything about every one else… spooky!

What does it mean for Facebook Marketing?

To date, it’s been all about “like’s.” Businesses measure how relevant — how important they are as a measurement against one another on the basis of total page likes. While there is no question that popularity is still important it is not nearly as important as who is sharing you and why. You won’t simply “Like” a book anymore. You will “read” a book. You won’t “Like” Nike. You’ll go “running” with “nike” or “hiking” with “nike” or perhaps… “Driving” your “Nissan”. Maybe you just “drove” by “Marlboro Nissan”… Now we’re talking!

Bigger Picture

That’s all fine and well. But the reality here is that we must again rethink our strategy in this medium. The f8 keynote was a bombshell. The granularity offered in this new platform is unprecedented. It is even more frightening when you consider the mobile app implications. You will be able to share where you walked, who you walked with, what you are cooking, the music you’re listening to while you cook and it all happens automatically… It doesn’t require user input. And here is the part that no one wants to hear. It means we’ll actually have to BE excellent to be perceived as excellent.

You won’t be able to just pay for “Likes”. You won’t be able to fake reviews and testimonials. Your awards won’t mean anything. And perhaps even SEO will be made irrelevant. The entire web has been rolled up inside the new Facebook in such a way that Google and all it’s sponsored listings and the lack of relevance to its organic listings could very well become obsolete.

You may remember that just over a year ago I shared 3 ways Facebook is killing your website. It seems today that is quickly becoming a reality. I can see the future of this medium and it is incredible. The Mantra for those of us who were really “in the know” for digital marketing in 2011 was: Facebook & Google – nothing else matters. It could be looking like 2012 will be “Facebook period.”

If you can take the hour and 41 minutes to watch this Keynote, I promise you will not be underwhelmed.

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