OmniTouch, a Keyboard in the Palm of Your Hand

Projected Number Pad
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Internet marketing has been a rapidly growing field since the turn on the century. The internet has the power to reach an unending number of potential viewers. With Smartphone technology the number of people that internet marketing reaches has grown even more as well as the fact that it reaches most people instantaneously. It is no surprise that this area of technology is growing so rapidly. Picture if you will, not having to carry with you your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Well, that day is coming, sooner than you may think.

Keyboards are going to be the first things to go when we start eliminating bulky computers. A graduate student at Carnegie Mellon, named Chris Harrison, has been working on a way to eliminate physical keyboards, but being able to have one at the ready whenever you need it. Chris’ vision is to one day be able to turn any surface into a personal screen and/or keyboard. He has already succeeded this with his prototype. The prototype is made up of a Kinect system that sits on your shoulder and produces images on any surface in front of it for you to “touch” and click through. Want to make a phone call? Just pull up the number pad on the palm of your hand and dial the number, hit send, and the call is put on a speaker that is connected to the rig on your shoulder.

Mini Keyboard
Having this monstrosity sitting on your shoulder is not what I would call convenient but, it is a start in the evolutionary portable computer screens and keyboards. Chris has decided to team up with Microsoft because of their online reputation. As well as, the fact that they have and the abilities to make this dream a reality because of their technology through the Kinect System for Xbox. The two will work together to make this invention into a true, functioning reality. Chris says that the system could possibly become so small that it would be put on a necklace. This not only makes it compact enough to carry with you all the time but, a necklace is also the prime place for the projection to come from with the least chance of objects getting in the way.

See the OmniTouch in action! Click Here

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