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Whether your presence within the local Real Estate marketplace is well-established, or if you’re a motivated new realtor looking to make a splash, your online presence is the most powerful tool that you have. And you might be surprised to learn how many of your competitors do (and don’t) recognize this.

With that in mind, Wikimotive’s online marketing services can offer you an unfair advantage. Our expertise in dynamic web design and search engine optimization, as well as in social media and reputation management will minimize the demands on your time while maximizing the leads that you can turn into trusted client relationships.

Website Design

More so than most every other service providers, realtors understand the importance of accessibility. Consider a lawn-mounted ‘For Sale’ (or even better, ‘Sold’) sign. Branded with corporate colors, emblazoned with contact information and (for those who truly understand the value of it) a photo of the realtor associated with the listing. Branding and accessibility matter.

Your online presence is an extension of your branding. Your website is likely to be the first place a potential client visits, and a well-designed, informative and helpful website sets the tone of their expectations. Wikimotive understands that these customers will come from all different walks, and our dynamic website design ensures that your site will operate as consistently on a mobile phone or tablet, as will on a desktop or laptop.

Search Engine Optimization

And in terms of accessibility, a great website is only as good as the traffic it receives. Do you realize that over 90% of today’s consumers will act based solely on the first page of their search results? With Google normally defaulting to 10 results, how confident are you that you’ll land on ‘Page One’?

Wikimotive’s SEO strategies help to ensure exactly that. And with superior placement, you will be immediately available to more potential clients than ever.

Social Media & Reputation Management

As a realtor, the service that you offer makes you instrumental in uniting someone’s dreams with reality. As poetic as it sounds, your success in doing so is solely a result of your effort; however, there are still other parties involved. And while most client relationships are likely to be overwhelmingly positive, others might not be so well-aligned.

And in today’s world, opinions quickly find their way into public social media posts and highly-trafficked online review sites. They could even find their way onto your business and personal pages. While any business welcomes positive reviews, a negative comment could dissuade prospective clientele from seeking your services.

At Wikimotive, we specialize in managing your online presence, providing you with a trusted partner dedicated to ensuring the strength of your firm’s public face.

Why Choose Wikimotive?

Simply put, the continued success of your business exists in two places: in your handshake, and online. Understanding the constant demands on your time, Wikimotive is committed to the services that we provide so that you can remain focused on the services that you provide. Why limit your potential success, by making your online presence a secondary thought? With Wikimotive on the job, you have a reliable partner who is dedicated to helping you, to help your valued clients.