Retarded Tests!

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Posted on by Timothy Martell
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That’s right! I said it: RETARDED TESTS!

This is an example of a somewhat more controversial piece of social media. You must carefully consider just how controversial you want your social media marketing strategy to be at the out set. Controversial topics tend to generate LOTS of buzz and conversation. But some things can be too risqué  for different businesses. My recommendation is to determine what you think is as far as you might consider going with controversial content and then push just a little further.

Remember, your social media pages are NOT your business pages. You want to talk about things that people want to talk about. Sometimes they’re silly or crass, but controversial is good. In case you haven’t figured this out yet, you’re supposed to click the link that says “RETARDED TESTS” at the top of the page! And if you needed to read this to figure that out, well… YOU just might be retarded!

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