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Google Plus is still quite new, and adoption for car dealers is still very low even among those who have gotten into social media marketing. Even though there might not be the level of interaction on Google+ that there is on Facebook it is still a very important place to be. Not only do you now have to be on Google+ for your places, or Local page, Google favors their own content when evaluating search and serving results so it has a clear SEO advantage as well.

Right off the bat make sure your Google+ page has a tagline. This is what people see when your Google+ page comes up in search or they hover their cursor over your page icon. You want to make it somewhat keyword relevant, for car dealers something like ABC Motors, a Boston Acura Dealer would be great.

You also want to make sure to write something meaningful in the about section. Again this is another opportunity to do some optimization so try to organically get some keywords in there. talking about the cities and towns you serve, and try using a few city-make-dealer or make-model-city strings in there.

The most important part is going to be creating and sharing interesting and engaging content. Don’t worry that there might not actually be much engagement on your Google+ page yet, that isn’t the point of using Google+ as a marketing tool right now. What you want to do is show that you’re involved and you have a solid amount of +1’s so that Google counts you as relevant and serves your dealership higher in search results.

If you properly optimize your Google+ page and make sure to update it regularly, 2-3 times a day, you can greatly increase you social relevance in the eyes of Google. Especially when used along side your Facebook, and Twitter Marketing Google+ can be a powerful tool for social media marketing and Automotive business SEO.

Need help setting up your Google+ page? Not sure what you’re doing when it comes to content creation and syndication? Contact Wikimotive for a free evaluation of your social media marketing practices and advice on how you can improve.

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