Social Media Marketing Made… by a Monkey?

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If you get why the title is what it is, then you’re a natural. But if you’re scratching your head thinking, “WTF does this have to do with anything?” then you’ve come to the right place! Social Media Marketing is so far a departure from traditional marketing that it bears virtually no resemblance whatsoever! In fact, if you’re “doing” social media it right, you probably actually care about the people you are interacting with – sharing real ideas or feelings; connected… to the community.

If you’ve been in the business world or operated as a marketing professional for more than  4 years, you are probably completely lost with social media. Or, even worse, you think that since you are such an accomplished marketing professional already you can simply apply your vast successful knowledge to social media. WRONG!–> See this 8 second video!

Thats right! You get NOTHING! If you are applying traditional marketing approaches to your social media strategy, not only are you not succeeding, you are likely damaging your brand and pushing what few followers or fans you may have accidentally accumulated away!

If you’re the boss, you are not going to understand this. You need to put your faith in your decision making ability to hire the people who DO understand it. If you are the person the boss hired, then you need to make sure they understand that they are NOT going to understand.

Here’s what YOU NEED to understand…

If you would like to see a larger version of this video for easier viewing click here.

So what does it all mean? Bottom line: there is no half ass approach that can work here. Either make the choice to be involved or pray that you are in one of the few businesses still surviving today without a need to evolve for the future.

What can Wikimotive do for you? We can teach you how, we can do the job for you, or a combination of both. We can tell you who the real experts are and who the fakers are. You can follow this category because I will post socially valuable stories that you can use and link to or post on your social media outlets to help drive traffic. More on that in the next post! Thanks for reading. Please comment! REMEMBER: there are NO stupid questions!

BTW – if you’re looking for a connection to the Monkey line in the title… THERE ISN’T ONE! The whole point was to make you confused! Guess it worked!


  1. It’s great to see someone who’s earned credibilty through real success – someone who can be trusted to perform – enter this field and elbow some of the snake oil salesmen to the side.

    Congratulations on the new site!

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